Which Tea is Better – Green or Black?

The tea aficionados will always say that green or black, both are much better than the milky sugary version that we drink. While green brew helps you lose weight, black tea gives you the necessary caffeine boost making you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Both the drinks are loaded with antioxidants and both promote health. So, which one should you be drinking more?

The source for any of the green or the black tea is the leaves of the plant Camellia sinensis. Take the Darjeeling green refreshment drink, this beautiful delicate brew is also made from the same leaves. The difference lies in the treatment process. For some, flavors are added from the oil of fruits, flowers, or leaves, and for some, like the black tea, the process to ferment it is longer.

For the best Darjeeling green tea, for instance, the leaves are first harvested, dried and then heated using the steam or pan-firing. This prevents the tea from getting further oxidized and also helps to retain the delicate flavor and color. For the black tea, instead of heating, the leaves are crushed, rolled and then torn to allow oxidization. This imparts a stronger flavor and aroma.

Boost in metabolism

There have been multiple types of researchers on the effects of black and green tea on human metabolism. The people who consumed green tea more were found to have better metabolic rates than those who consumed only black tea. This is because all green drink, including if you prefer to buy Darjeeling tea online, contains polyphenol components that help in improving the oxidative energy metabolism.

Loaded with anti-oxidants

Most of us drink for a kick of caffeine and also for its anti-oxidant properties. The antioxidants help to flush out the free radicals and are important to repair the body and boost immunity. But the levels of caffeine and antioxidants greatly varies in green and black refreshment drink.

If you buy online Darjeeling green brew, or any other green brew for that matter, you will see that catechins are a key component in them. In black tea, however, the catechins are converted to theaflavins and both of these are responsible for protecting the heart, liver, and cancer. Both the variations of brew contain the same amount making them good for sipping.

The caffeine content

For those of us who are addicted to various beverages for its caffeine shot will all agree that caffeine helps in staying alert and awake. Working late and need a kick, outcomes a beverage that is high on that. However, green tea, like the Darjeeling green and the black tea contains different levels of caffeine. Studies have shown that black tea contains more caffeine and therefore, that is your safer bet at least more than green tea, Darjeeling one especially.

Which one – green or black?

Both the drinks have their own pros and cons and both can be consumed at any time of the day. You can buy different flavors, like buy online Darjeeling green brew and flush out toxins, improve weight loss, or drink the earl grey black tea for good heart health.

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