Treatment Options for Adults with ADHD

ADHD adult treatments are actually very similar to the ones done in many children but highly specialized and highly concentrated. Adults are even harder to treat than many children, which is why constant training even at home is important. There are certain medications, behavioral strategies and psychological management trainings that adults can undergo to help them with their condition. These steps to managing the disorder can help them concentrate more on their work or in school and live a relatively more normal life.


Stimulant drugs such as Concerta and Vyvanse were previously the first medication physicians would subject adults with ADHD to. There were studies that prove almost 2/3 of patients given this medication show significant improvements over time. They were able to concentrate on their tasks more and live just like everyone else.

But this drug should be taken in moderation and unfortunately, this is one of the ADHD adult treatments that were often abused by patients. Substance abuse was very common to many adult patients with ADHD which is often attributed to the disorder itself. Many adult ADHD patients suffer from forgetfulness and since they administer the medications themselves, they often forget that they have already ingested their dose for the day thereby ingesting another set which can cause overdosing. Because of this threat, experts highly advise families of adult patients to be always heedful to the actions of the patients or better, resort to behavioral or psychological treatments instead.

Behavioral Treatments

There are different behavioral strategies done to help treat the adult patient with ADHD. Individual cognitive and therapy on behavior is one of the treatments done that can enhance the self esteem of the patient thereby helping him to concentrate and focus more on important things in his life. Stress management and relaxation treatments are also done. Relieving the patient of stress and anxiety can help produce a more relaxed mind helping the patient be able to concentrate more. Behavioral coaching is another strategy done to help the patient learn tips and techniques on how he can start becoming more organized at home and at his work. These are just some of the behavioral treatments done to patients with ADHD. But the physician will have to do an in-depth analysis about the condition of the patient first to device the perfect behavioral treatment plan that will cater to specific needs of the patient.

Psychological Strategies

In line with behavioral treatments, there are also psychological strategies that work hand in hand with it to ensure a higher success rate. One, the patient should train himself to take his medications. As aforementioned, most ADHD patients suffer from forgetfulness. This is why taking medications on a timely manner can be very difficult. The best way to do this is to place your medications on your bedside table and set a specific time posted to it when you ought to take the medications. Two, start organizing yourself. Make daily lists of tasks or any list that you need for the day to keep you organized and clutter-free. Three, minimize as much distractions as you can. Keep your room clutter-free all the time, turn of the TV or the radio if it distracts you, and just relax on your sit. And four, ask for help when you feel that you need it.

ADHD adult treatments can be successful if the patient and the family will cooperate with the treatments presented to them. Remember, while ADHD in adults may be incurable, it can be managed.

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