Should I Hire An American Graphic Design Agency Or Outsource Overseas?

Considering all the technology we have nowadays, outsourcing overseas seems to be a common choice. More and more American customers decide to look for freelance graphic designers or foreign agencies, mostly to save some money. But is outsourcing a good, cost effective idea or does it come with unforeseen issues?

Regarding the prices in our industry, it is indeed possible to find it cheaper to work foreigners. However, keep in mind your money will contribute to a different country’s economy instead of your own. And since we’re talking about the costs, you should keep in mind that people who work in American agencies are well trained professionals that are committed to their work, therefore giving you your money’s worth. Nowadays the American market is very flexible and offers quality work for competitive prices.

Secondly, the language barrier is a common issue when it comes to outsourcing. Although there are many people that can speak and understand English, many of them will not fully understand the nuances. This often leads to longer conversations and explanations so that the people doing the job for you completely understand what you need. Working with an American graphic design agency, on the other hand, means having your project done in time by a team of professionals that understand exactly what you want, thus avoiding the stress of constant misunderstanding and additional explanations.

Moreover, hiring an American graphic design agency means you’re hiring someone who shares the same background and quickly understands your vision. It has been proven that it’s harder for individuals to fully comprehend other cultures than their own; this means no one will be able to provide effective additional as well as someone who knows exactly what your culture is all about. Graphic design is one of the biggest tools you can use to enhance your business and the customers perception of it, so make sure to choose the right people to take care of that for you.

Another thing to consider is the educational background of the people you hire. You want to make sure the people working for you know their business, have a strong portfolio and know graphic design subtleties like the back of their hand. It’s true there are talented graphic design professionals all around the globe, but there are also thousands of beginners that can claim differently, and it’s harder to check which one is right and which one isn’t when you’re outsourcing. Finding an affordable yet high quality service abroad can be stressful and time consuming.

Last, but not least to consider is the availability of the ones working for you. American agencies are reliable from this point of view, since they share the same legal terms and probably the same time zone. When outsourcing, it’s harder to keep control over your project, due to time zone differences and legal conditions. If there’s an issue with your project along the way, there’s no customer service department to complain to, you simply have to deal with the situation.

All in all, hiring an American graphic design agency for your projects means less stress and more creativity from a team of well trained professionals that are efficient and always available for their customers, whereas outsourcing may be cheaper but can bring additional issues.

by Robert Corter

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