Prescription Glasses for Reading

When you are in your 40’s, most of your normal bodily functions start deteriorating as you are probably experiencing now, and again dizziness and head pain attacks. If symptoms are worse, you would have noticed tiredness more frequently, and hair strands falling off from your head leaving smooth skinny spots; this is indicative that you are suffering from stress or are already burned-out. These conditions and symptoms could be pinpointing to the possibility that you are suffering from deteriorating vision. If you are a teacher, a lawyer or any other professional whose one of the main activities is reading, these symptoms are more pronounced as your vision deteriorates.

Time to Buy Reading Glasses

To determine if impaired vision is the culprit for these symptoms and that there is a need to buy prescription glasses, temporarily do a reading exercise with the use of a reading glass. Once snapped onto the eyes, the glasses will magnify the letters and words before your sight. Read an entire passage of a news article or a short story with your glasses on. Do you feel some kind of relief after this exercise? If yes, then you should be heading to an ophthalmologist or an optometrist to get your visual acuity measured.

Measuring Your Vision

Your eye doctor will have you undergo a test using an eye chart, the most standard of which is the Snellen eye chart. This chart shows eleven rows of capital letters, the first row consists of only a big letter “E.” The succeeding rows contain letters that are progressively smaller than the letters of the previous rows. You will be asked to read the letter/s of every row starting from the row that the contains the letter “E” while standing 20 feet away from the wall where the chart will be hanging. Should you be able to read correctly all the letters up till the end row, then your vision will be tested using reading materials of different letter sizes. If in any case you experience blurring of vision while attempting to read, then your visual acuity will be measured and appropriate correcting glasses will be recommended based on the measurement. A spectacle prescription will then be handed to you, detailing the measurements taken.

Getting Used to Wearing and Bringing Spectacles

People with impaired vision sometimes would find it hard to believe that they already have developed this condition and would take time getting used to the lifestyle changes that accompany this impairment. For one, they will have to get used to the annoying presence of the spectacles on their face. Another, they will have to grapple with the need to bring along their glasses wherever they go and with feelings of frustration when they fail to throw into their bag just before leaving the house for important meetings and other such similar occasions.

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