Makeup for The Monsoon Season

Facial products are no better. Base makeup to hide imperfections and even skin tone impart a radiant glow. In heat and humidity, so it sinks into the skin, blocking pores and the mediation only an intolerable itching. It runs and stains the sections of a vibrant pastel shirts orange color. Blush added to already cheeks flushed with heat and wind, but resemble the flush of high fever.

Monsoon demand for “Xxtreme makeup.” Only the well prepared to survive. The best defense is water proof mascara, liner, shadow and eye shadow base, and face powder, good tools is crucial. Can buy the best brushes for money, a huge bottle of makeup remover and an industrial size box of cotton buds.


Eyes go first. “Less is more” the words are to live.


Pre-load of cotton swabs with remover. Use them to clean up errors, and fast. Waterproof liner sets in 45 seconds. Mascara need a light touch, and a few thin layers. too much will result in the dreaded “raccoon eyes.” The result is a wet mess that needs to be removed completely and started again from scratch.


It’s no fun.


EyeShadow Base is to eye shadow to stay longer. It must be applied with a brush. Next eye shadow, applied with, yes, is a main idea brush.The not allow skin oils and hot hands, with make-up-mix.


Sweaty fingers need not apply.


For face makeup, the mantra of Tony Soprano style, “Forget it.” No make-up is going to stay for a long time. Powder is easy and reduces redness and shine again. But it’s not a perfect solution. More powder applied to a face already moistened by humidity and sweat produced pesky lumps. The technical term is “pill”.


It is not a good look.


The secret to wearing makeup, when water gushes out of the sky: none a all .. Use instead marvel at the time in the wild, rugged beauty of the storm .. No makeup is becoming the new action ..

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