How to transfer Music from Ipod to Computer?


It is common for us to transfer music from the computer to your Apple Ipod. But how can we do the reverse? What if your friend comes over to your house with his Apple Ipod and you liked some of his songs then you want to transfer it to your computer so you can copy the files. Is it possible? The answer is yes.  There were several ways that was introduced to transfer files from files from an Apple ipod to your computer but only two or three are really useful and successful.

iTunes is an Apple made music library and it is devised such that music from it cannot be transferred to the computer from the iPod. The Apple’s iTunes Store helps music makers with good labels sell their music through it and to maintain their good relationship and combat piracy Apple has had a restrictive approach in not allowing the transfer of music from the iPod to the PC.

So what we need is to download a third party application that will let us copy files from an Apple Ipod to our computers. There will be some easy steps to do these but you can search for a third party application that provides this service. Or if you can’t find a third party application you can do the following:

Take the iPod of any type the iPod nano or iPod touch or any other model. There will be some easy steps to tag along and the first one would be to connect your device to the computer taking care in avoiding the iTunes auto sync. For this you need to press both the shift and ctrl keys on your computer keyboard when you are in the process of connecting the iPod to the computer. These ctrl and shift keys should be continuously kept pressed and you can go to the next and open iTunes. After some time if you check the Source list of iTunes, it will show your iPod being listed.

Now this shows that you can already copy the music from your iPod and just do the drag and drop method. You are assured that the list will be the same and will be in its original format.

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