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La Nouba, as name is suggestive of something mysterious or unknown. This is one of the greatest shows and never fails to mesmerize the audience with breathtaking acts. The bewitching music and the feats of the performers are perfectly blended together in a swirl of events that last for 90 minutes. Set in circus-like atmosphere, the thrill simply catches on leaving the audience forgetting to breathe! Getting Discount La Nouba Tickets Tickets online easily is one of the best thing happening for la nouba fans.

It is like watching a circus come alive through a musical. It is the colliding of two worlds- the real and the fantastic! It is a place where dreams and nightmares both have their places. La Nouba takes you to a world that is strange and yet familiar. The thrill of excitement and the exhilaration of fear are felt in an unforgettable journey to a fantastic world. This is the world of the extraordinary where ordinary people feel that anything can happen to make them extraordinary. Young and old alike revel in the feats of the accomplished performers who deliver much more than expected. A stellar act it can be compared to the greatest shows ever produced!

The perfect blend of the circus people with bright colored costumes are contrasted with the urbans who sport dark outfits. It is the clashing of the two worlds where magic is resplendent and touches every little thing. The acts of the juggler, the cyclists, the aerial cradle, the Diabolos, the flying trapeze and the power track or trampoline, leave the audience spellbound. The characters are captivating and never fail to thrill. Held in the Cirque du Soleil, in the heart of Disney property, magic is just waiting to happen. Whether its the brilliant music or the amazing choreography, the synchronization of the entire show is to be seen to be believed.

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