Corruption is the main cause of all troubles

Corruption is the main cause of all troubles?

Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate.

When we, the people of India have an introspection, we come to the conclusion that the people who had been heading us in administration were corrupt and that had been the reason because of which so many problems have arisen and we also know that till this corruption is there, none of our problems shall be solved.  We also know that our problems had been getting complex and complicated and we have reached such a situation where none is able to answer us.  Even Dr. Manmohan Singh who is our PM and who is expert in economic fields has raised his arms and said to us that he too is unable to root out this corruption from India.  It seems that the people who are in politics are not interested in service of the people and nor they are interested or committed to the welfare of the people.  They have joined this line taking it as a profession, trade, calling and employment and some of them are nominees of the big houses only to keep their interest in mind and see that nothing is done against them.

The period of Dr. Manmohan Sing as PM of India could be identified as a ‘ golden period ‘ because during this period so m any corrupt faces have been brought to our notice and when the list of account holders in Swiss Bank is out, we shall see some more important faces who had been identified as honest and faithful people.  It seems that the British, especially handed over charge to corrupt people so that the people should remember them as better people to rule India. The people whom they handed over the charge in 1947 gave us partition of Hindustan in 1947 in which lacs were killed and millions were transported to unknown places just to suffer and such conditions were created in which we could not live in peace.  We have seen that there had been terrorism and riots and on both the sides we had been killing our own people without any reasonable cause. The people in both the countries have been living in fear and peace is foreign to them.

The people in power are interested in collecting money by one way or the other and for that purpose they could invent scams, scandals, muddles, corruption, bribes and commissions and we have been informed that these big amounts had been getting transfer through ‘ Hawala ‘ agencies. The wealth created by the people could not be utilized for the welfare of the people.  Therefore, the people in power do not belong to the people of India and therefore, this voting system could not establish a true democracy because these people in our august houses are not public servants, rather they are interested in their own welfare and never worked for the welfare of the people and that is the reason that they turned rich and powerful within days and there is none to stop them from looting us.

India is a rich country, but none is interested to utilize all this riches for the welfare of the people and that is the reason the people could not get proper education, proper training and proper adjustment in life and that is the reason they are suffering so many problems and the number of problems is increasing because of these corrupt people at the heads.  Therefore, we are waiting for someone who shall be rooting out this corruption from India and till that time we shall have to suffer. We always wait for a great man to may give us new directions because we are still slaves and could not come out of our habits of living in slavery.

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