10 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

The life and trials of an affiliate marketer is hard enough as it is, and sadly I see a lot affiliate marketers making it even harder on themselves. Granted, there is a learning curve while you are getting to know the basics. I too have made a few of the 10 mistakes listed below.

10 Mistakes to Avoid when First Starting Out

1 – Choosing the Wrong Program

Not all programs are the same and not all programs are for everyone. You should look at a few different programs and weigh the pros and cons of them; how much time do you suppose you would have to spend each week to do what is necessary; how and when do they pay out your commissions; what tools are available within the program etc. Take your time deciding,it is a business and it deserves the time and effort necessary to get a good start.

2) – Not blogging

I know, blogging, doesn’t sound like much fun does it? But most people don’t know that by creating a blog, you can use it to help promote your products or services. By posting even small articles or reviews about your product you can create more traffic to your site. Use the blog to gain trust with your niche. Gosh, try not to turn your blog into a shopping mall and plaster it with banners and such! Make it tidy, use it to communicate with your niche and build a relationship with them. Have a comment section, this is a good way to get a pulse on what they are expecting from you.

3 – Not targeting a niche

Out of the 10 mistakes, this is among the biggest mistakes new marketers make. Some marketers just start selling their product to everyone, everywhere. Take the time and narrow down your niche audience. Some marketers just pick the wrong niche, which is just as bad. Make sure your niche it isn’t too broad. By narrowing your niche you are increasing your odds to make more sales. You can watch a video and learn more about narrowing your niche here.

4 – Only one source of traffic

Some new marketers make the mistake of only advertising in one spot. This is not healthy at all, you need multiple flows of traffic to be successful. Follow you niche, you don’t need a lot of money to advertise, if you are creative, you can find lots of free ways to reach your niche. Use Google and find some free advertising sites. Get creative.

5) – Not utilizing their website

This is a huge mistake; a website is the most important tool an affiliate marketer could have. Put your website to work! If you do not know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) I would strongly suggest that you invest some time and learn at least the basics of it. SEO will be your very best friend and help your customers find you with more ease. If you are using Word Press, you can use an SEO plug-in that will help you get the most out of your website and better rankings!

6) – Joining too many programs

A lot of people think that the more programs they join, the more money they will make. This is not true, you should pick more than one, yes, but I would suggest no more than 3 or 4. You are better off focusing on a few and getting great sales than having a lot and getting crappy sales.

7) – Not asking for help

The people who have made a lot of money with affiliate marketing, stepped out of their comfort zone and asked others for help or looked for ways to educate themselves. Remember, it is a business, and you would do this if you were in any other business that you were unfamiliar with. This will save you a lot of valuable time and money. Don’t be shy, reach out to someone and for advice. If you don’t know anyone, you may want to check out Wealthy Affiliate, you can read my review here.

8) – Not testing their advertising

When starting an ad campaign, it is a good idea to break out your campaign into 2 or 3 different ads. For example: if you are selling a car, let’s say it is my favorite car, a Mustang. I would have 3 different ads going, one with a red mustang, one with blue one and one using a black Mustang. I would track each ad over a few days or weeks to see which one is getting me the best results. I would then drop the ones that were not doing good. This is a great way to see what your niche is reacting to.

9) – Avoiding Social Networks

Some marketers underestimate the power of social networking. They think that there is so many other companies to compete with that they don’t even bother. Well, let me tell you, social media is still one of the best tools to use in marketing. Try to use the social platform that you already use and start using it more.

No matter what social media platform you are using, you will be able to find your niche within it; join their groups, like their pages, you could start conversations with them, your goal here is to build trust with them, Please, do not go in with guns blazing trying to sell them products, they will ban you! And be sure to follow the rules of any group or forum you get involved with, this should go without saying.

10) – Not having faith in themselves

I think that this is the biggest of the 10 mistakes listed here. It is really sad to know that this is the number one reason that so many people give up. It is also the only thing that I cannot help you with. I had family members tell me that I was crazy, that I would not make any money, that it’s probably a scam. Colonel Sanders probably heard the very same thing when he started his first fried chicken restaurant. Be strong, it’s your life, we only live once and we deserve to live it how we want.

In conclusion, if you have the time and put in the effort, you can avoid these 10 mistakes and make some money with affiliate marketing. Believe in yourself and don’t give up, when you get frustrated, your business is trying to tell you to take a new approach, it should be seen as an opportunity to improve it.

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